About me



I am a freelance writer, blogger, and Lacto-vegetarian. I started the lazyvegetarianmealideas series over a year ago, which is the tag-line I use for all my own recipes. From my experience with a lot of other cooking websites and blogs, many of the recipes are so exact and professional-looking that they can turn people off.

I think cooking should be fun, easy and, most importantly, experimental. People have different tastes, and you should be encouraged to discover new flavours and adapt meals to your own personal taste. My recipes aim to be cost-effective, easy and adaptable alternative takes on traditional meals, and I also post my own creations. I am a lacto-vegetarian, so I don’t eat meat, fish, or eggs. I actually have a bit of an egg phobia so I try to avoid eggs as much as possible and I never, ever cook with them.

As well as publishing my own recipes, I frequently share other people’s posts as I want my blog to reflect how diverse and exciting vegetarian cooking can be, and I want to challenge the very wrong assumption that vegetarian and vegan meals are boring, bland and that there’s not a lot to choose from. I only share vegetarian/vegan recipes, but even though I am a lacto vegetarian I sometimes share recipes that include, although are not focused on, eggs.

I’m all over the internet.

I mentioned above that I’m a freelance writer. I have actually started writing full time, and I am involved in a lot of different projects. I am a book reviewer, and I run a book review website that is funded by my affiliates Amazon and Book Club reads. You can find my book review website here.

I run three of my own blogs; this one, my main blog, and my travel blog.

Have a look at my main blog for news, reviews, and general ramblings: https://londonisbutonecity.wordpress.com/

Since leaving my 9-5:30 job in March I’ve been travelling quite a lot, and I have a travel blog to document all my trips and experiences. So far I’ve been to Australia, New Zealand, Germany, Mexico, and Amsterdam. I’m planning on doing a trip across America from New York-California and a European trip from London to Transylvania/Greece before the years out. Keep up to date with my travels by going to https://theflyingvegetarian.wordpress.com/

Other publications

I write articles for various websites, and you can find some of my work below.





I post almost daily food pictures on Instagram, so for more foodie inspiration follow me.


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  1. Thankyou so much for liking my blog post on Tiny House Diary (under your guise of londonisbutonecity!) – I am loving your recipes and can’t wait to read more ^_^ And of course make ’em!

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