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What Vegetarians Eat

Here is some more of my food photography. Enjoy :).

I have to admit that I did not cook this. This is a buffet plate from the best South Indian vegetarian restaurant ever. It’s called Diwana and if you’re ever around Euston you should go there and get ridiculously full.

I did cook this! Its my version of Chana Massala with some extra ingredients, and I’ll be posting the full recipe soon. 

Tasty stir fry with pumpkin seeds cooked by yours truly.

This healthy pasta dish was made with £0.20 spaghetti and to be honest I really can’t taste the difference.

I made this ridiculously healthy salad and bread combo in Cordoba, Spain!

This meal has become a huge staple in my diet. It is stupidly easy to make, very cheap, high in protein and wonderfully filling. Check back for the full recipe soon!

Who doesn’t love pasta? This swirly colourful carby wonder is one of my favourites and is under £1 from Saintsburys. 


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