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Lazy Vegetarian Meal ideas #32 Lazy Vegan Biryani

I’m back! For those of you who have been missing my recipes (I know you’re out there) I send my deepest apologies; I’m working as a freelance writer at the moment and have finally started getting some work, which is great but means I now spend a lot of my time ghost writing and doing travel guides for business people.

I’ve also been focused on news and current events as so much craziness is going on in my country (England) at the moment. If you would like to read my more serious posts please go to, or take a look at this article I wrote about Brexit recently.

I am going to keep posting recipes for a very long time (or until I am totally out of ideas), but if you want more inspiration and want to see  all the meal ideas that don’t make it onto this site check out my Instagram page (you can also take a look at my photos from Australia, New Zealand, Germany, Mexico and Amsterdam).

This is my take on a vegetarian biryani. It is quick, it is easy and it is very lazy, but it’s also very tasty and satisfying.

I haven’t used that many vegetables because I was running low and wanted lots of chickpeas, but feel free to add your favourites and make the dish your own.


What you need: A tin of chickpeas, about half a cup of green peas, a chopped white onion, a few finely chopped mushrooms, one portion of basmati rice.

Spices: Aestofida, a sprinkle of mustard seeds, lots of turmeric, a few sprinkles of garam masala, a few sprinkles of crushed chilli flakes, salt.

1: Heat a little olive oil in a large sauce pan. Add a few sprinkles of aestofida and allow the oil to heat. After a minute or two add the mustard seeds, and let it heat until the oil becomes fragrant. Add the chopped onion and fry for a few minutes until translucent, then turn to a low heat and saute for a further few minutes.

2: Add the other spices and a bit more oil. Now add the mushrooms and saute on a medium heat for a few minutes. In the mean time boil some water and cook the peas via the packet instructions (normally you just boil them for about three minutes)

3: Drain and add the chickpeas and green peas. Stir thoroughly, then turn to a low heat. Cook the rice as per packet instructions. Remember to add enough water so it just covers the rice, cover, bring to boil and then turn to the lowest heat. Do not remove the cover until the rice is cooked (should take about ten minutes). Follow these instructions and you should have perfect rice every single time.


4: When the rice is cooked, add it to the frying pan and stir through.


5: Serve with soy sauce (optional but highly recommended) and enjoy!



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