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Lazy Vegetarian Meal ideas #31 Healthy vegetable bake (optionally vegan)

I had planned on making a ratatouille, but I was starving so I gave up on the pattern and ended up making a bake instead. You may be wondering why there are no carrots in this recipe; it seems like the kind of thing carrots would end up in. The truth is I hate cooked… Continue reading Lazy Vegetarian Meal ideas #31 Healthy vegetable bake (optionally vegan)


Marvellous moussaka — Veggie foodie love

A recipe for a ‘modern moussaka’ caught my eye recently but, as is so often the case, on closer inspection it was almost entirely devoid of protein. Modification required, and the modern moussaka became rather marvellous in both taste and nutritional balance You will need: 600g new potatoes, cut into bite-sized chunks 2 onions, sliced […]… Continue reading Marvellous moussaka — Veggie foodie love


Seitan | Buddha’s Food — Feasting on Fusion

Origins: Seitan (say-TAHN), lovingly called “Buddha’s Food”, has originated from the diets of Chinese Buddhist monks who were looking for meat alternatives other than tofu. It is said that they were making dough out of wheat and water when they noticed that the starch from the water-dough mixture turned a texture more similar to meat.*… Continue reading Seitan | Buddha’s Food — Feasting on Fusion