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Lazy vegetarian meal ideas #30 simple healthy pesto

I can’t believe I’ve made 30 posts for lazyvegetarianmealideas! Starting a cooking blog has been a lot of fun and has also been the perfect encouragement for me to get better at cooking, try new things and become healthier in the process. I’m excited to post exciting new recipes in the near future, but for now I am re visiting an old subject; pesto!


Pesto is quite over priced in a lot of supermarkets, so although the individual ingredients (I.e pine nuts) will be a little expensive out right you’ll end up saving money because you can make multiple batches whenever you like and fresh basil/olive oil tends to be quite cheap. Pesto is really quick and easy to make and easy to customise with extra greens, so don’t be scared to put a personal twist on it.

What you need: pine nuts, walnuts (optional), extra virgin olive oil, a few handfuls of fresh basil, a few handfuls of other greens like spinach, rocket (optional), a few garlic cloves, penne or any dry pasta of your choice, a few handfuls of grated mature cheese (optional) a blender, a saucepan and a spoon.

Spices: dry oregano, salt, pepper

1: Heat a few drops of olive oil in a sauce pan and chop the garlic into small cubes


2: Fry the garlic on a medium heat for a few minutes, then add the pine nuts, other nuts if using and a bit of oregano.


3: When the pine nuts have started to brown add the basil/greens, stir and cook for about 2 minutes.


4: Transfer the contents of the sauce pan into the blender, add the cheese and some more olive oil, salt, pepper and oregano and blend until smooth

5: Serve with pasta and some saute peppers and mushrooms. Enjoy 🙂




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