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Lazy Vegetarian meal ideas #13 Vegan chilli


I’ve finally found black beans in a supermarket! Black beans are fantastic, very tasty and high in protein and I definitely recommend you search around the World Foods section of your local supermarket and get your hands on these beauties.
Vegetarian chilli is a great  and very easy recipe which you can have with tacos, nachos, burritos, rice, pasta, potatoes and pretty much anything carby!

Note: I don’t like mushrooms, but because they are high in Iron and protein I try to trick myself into eating them. If you don’t like mushrooms but want to be a healthy lazy vegetarian, try chopping them up really finely and then adding them to your recipe. Chances are the other flavours will drown them out sufficiently and you’ll be able to gobble them all up.

What you need: Tomato purée (canned), Vegetable stock (I used one cube and boiled water, because who has time to actually make it?!), one can of black beans, one chopped white or brown onion,  four finely chopped mushrooms (I normally use chestnut), olive oil, a few basil leaves, a pot, an oven and some cooking foil

Spices: Hot chilli powder, chilli flakes, ground pepper, salt, mustard seeds.


1: Heat the olive oil in a medium sized pot and let it heat up. When the oil starts to get hot add the mustard seeds and a pinch of salt and wait for the mustard seeds to start popping

2: Add the onion and stir on a high heat until the onions start to brown, then turn to a low heat until they are translucent and soft (altogether should take around 8-13 minutes depending on your cooker and how soft you want them)

3: Add the mushrooms, a bit of chilli powder, chilli flakes and pepper and stir for a few minutes on a medium/low heat


4: Add the black beans and repeat the process


5: Add half the tomato purée and stir in, then add the vegetable stock and the second half of the tomato purée. Make sure the chilli is neither too watery nor too thick by adding the purée a bit at a time and stirring frequently, then turn to a lowish heat, add the basil leaves and some more chilli and cook for 10 minutes, stirring occasionally


6: Serve with baked potatoes (or literally anything else) and enjoy!


Coming soon: How to make great baked potatoes



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