Lazy vegetarian recipes #1 Bean heaped Nachos

Lazy vegetarian meal ideas #1 bean topped Nachos


Being a vegetarian isn’t hard. It’s true that there are less options in restaurants and microwave meals (especially if you don’t eat egg), but cooking doesn’t have to take time or any culinary skill. You can make cheap, quick, (mostly) healthy and easy meals without having to follow set recipes or spend too much time in the kitchen. If you like to make everything from scratch that’s great, but sometimes you don’t have the time or patience. If your stuck for meal ideas, you could do far worse than bean heaped Nachos, and they will only take about 10 minutes to cook!

What you need:
A small pot and an oven, a plate or oven dish, a cheese grater, Cheese, Tortilla crisps (you can get them for 40-50 pence in most super markets), £1 Salsa, £1.29 Guacamole, £0.45 Red Kidney beans, oil, spices (I like chilli powder, fenugreek, curry powder, salt, pepper and curry leaves but you can try different mixtures and see what works)

IDShot_540x540Asda-Chosen-by-You-Guacamole Sainsburys-Mild-Salsa-Dip


Pre heat oven. Heat oil in the small pan and add your choice of spices
Wait until the oil is heating up and then add beans (I like red kidney beans, but you can use your own choice or maybe a mixture), turn to a low heat and stir occasionally.

Grate cheese

Put tortilla crisps on a plate/oven dish and add the cheese. Try and get a middle layer of cheese under some of the crisps and then add to the top. Put in the oven and wait for the cheese to melt (if oven is pre-heated should take about 4-6 minutes)

Take plate/dish out of the oven (use gloves/towel) and add the guacamole and salsa. I don’t eat the sour cream because of the egg, but if that’s not an issue for you go crazy. Add the beans. Remember to use towel/gloves if handling hot plates

Relax and enjoy



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