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Lazy vegetarian meal ideas #3 How to make good basmati rice

Lazy Vegetarian meal ideas #3 How to make good basmati rice


Basmati rice is really easy to cook, but a lot of people have problems with it. If your used to soggy,wet,clumpy or otherwise un-appealing rice, look no further.

What you need: Basmati rice (if you make it well it shouldn’t matter what brand/how expensive), 4-6 cardamon pods, 2 curry leaves, a small pot and water.

Measuring rice:  I always make too much rice, partly because I love it but mostly because I just pour it in without measuring it. If you want smaller portions, measuring cups are cheap (I got mine for free from an environmental stand) and easy to use.

A lot of people wash rice prior to use. I can never really be bothered, and its never made that much of a difference to the taste in my experience, but if that’s how you normally do it feel free to do that first.

1: Boil water, add the cardamomc pods (you can open them and add the seeds or just add the whole pod, although the seeds taste better) curry leaves and rice.

2. Add the water.  Make sure it is covering the rice, but there’s not too much in the pot. It should be about an inch above the rice.


3. Turn to a high heat, stir through and cover with a lid. Do not remove the lid.

4. When it’s started to boil, turn down to a low heat and leave for about ten minutes

5. Enjoy with curry (see my mixed bean curry post for inspiration :P)



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