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Lazy vegetarian meal ideas #2 mixed bean curry

Lazy Vegetarian meal ideas #2 Mixed bean curry


This one’s vegan 😀.

This is one of my favourite meals. I’ve been making versions of it since I was about 14  and the ‘recipe’ keeps changing (its much better now I’ve stopped my irrational hatred of onions). Its also really flexible, you can use your own choice of beans, and if you’d prefer you could even have it just with vegetables (although then the name would be a bit redundant). You can also (within reason) use your own choice of spices, so if you hate/don’t have some of mine don’t worry. It’s also really cheap to make and its pretty healthy/high in protein.
I don’t really  measure ingredients or know how many table spoons to use, I tend to just sprinkle in the ingredients and, after doing that for a while, get an idea of what’s good and what’s not. Don’t use too much of anything, and use strong ingredients like the hot chilli sparingly.
This recipe isn’t hard at all, you just have to go by sight, smell and taste more than definite instructions, which I think is good as you can cook it for your own tastes (which may well be different from mine). Also, spices are great. I strongly recommend you invest in a range of spices as it really enhances your food and meal options. They are also really cheap, a small spice pots should last you at least you at least a few months and should all be under £2.

Please note that in the pictures there are potatoes/rice etc that don’t feature in the recipe. This is because  I made a side dish and realised that rather than write a massively long post that no one would read, I should split it up into three (this one, one about how to make good rice, and one for the herby potato/aubergine/pepper extravaganza) which will be posted soon.

Mushrooms: I don’t really like mushrooms in all honesty, but as they contain a lot of stuff that it can be hard to find if your a vegetarian/vegan I try to eat them fairly regularly. If you don’t like mushrooms, try cutting them up really small and adding them to a meal. You will barely notice them, but you will benefit from them. (see mushroom facts:

What you need: One large white onion or two/three small onions,  olive oil, two tins of chopped tomatoes, one tin of chickpeas, one small tin of red kidney beans, one tin of lentils, mushrooms (if you want them), a large pot and a small pot
Spices:  Garam masala, hot chilli, cumin seeds, pepper, fenugreek, dried garlic, curry leaf, coriander seeds, salt. Use the salt and hot chilli sparingly. If you have any curry powder throw some of that in too.


Pour some olive oil into the large pot and turn on a moderate heat, add some fenugreek and lightly stir (this is for an electric cooker that takes a while to heat up, for gas probably don’t do this step until you’ve chopped at least half the onion)

Chop the onion.Turn on high heat and fry onions until they have turned slightly brown/become translucent . Now turn onto a low heat and leave them to slow cook for around ten minutes.


Add mushrooms (if you want) and a sprinkle of the spices, add one or two curry leaves and stir,

Add the beans, sprinkle a bit more of the spices (not too much though, use the chilli powder sparingly or don’t include it in this step) and stir

Add the tomato, add some more spices and stir thoroughly to make sure there’s not one load of spice in one particular bit of the curry

Keep an eye on it, stir frequently  and cook for 10-15 minutes

Serve with rice and enjoy!


Coming soon: Herby Potato, Aubergine and Pepper extravaganza!


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