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A blog dedicated to vegetarians, vegans and vegetable enthusiasts


I have another blog ( where these recipes have been and will continue to   be posted as well, but I thought I should also have a specific blog just for recipes and food related things.

A bit about me: I am currently a 22 year old British office worker. I have been a vegetarian since I was 6 years old and haven’t eaten eggs since I was about 7. Both my parents have eaten meat since I was born and still do today, so for a while now I have cooked the majority of my meals (and also occasionally for family and friends). My vegetarianism is not really for moral reasons, I don’t see anything morally wrong with animals eating meat and we are omnivores who have developed the teeth and stomach to digest both meat and vegetables. The idea of farming urks me, that you rear animals to kill them, and whether its free range or comfortable doesn’t stop the underlining urkiness, especially actually in smaller farms where the farmers (and their kids) build relationships with the animals and then kill and eat them. However, eating meat itself doesn’t strike me as morally or ethically wrong. Meat is a natural food source, we have evolved and developed on a meat containing diet, it is a very good source of protein and other nutrients that you need (although there are other ways) and it is within everyone’s right and freedom of choice to eat what they want (excluding people).

For me personally, I just find the idea of eating meat abhorrent, not so much in a moral way as just in an ‘icky’ way. It makes me feel sick. Eggs make me feel even sicker.  Its a hard feeling to describe, but in a nutshell whilst I don’t believe it is ethically wrong or that other people shouldn’t eat meat, I personally just can’t and have no desire to. The smell of bacon is disgusting to me, and whilst I remember enjoying chicken during the first 6 years of my life, I don’t feel any urge to go back to it. I also don’t really see a need to eat meat as if I make an effort to eat a healthy diet with plenty of protein I don’t really feel any negative effects or feel like I am missing out on anything, and it is totally possible to have a healthy diet and enough protein without any meat, or even any animal products at all. Its also not really true that there are less options for people who don’t eat meat, as pretty much every meat dish you can think of has a vegetarian alternative that you could make. You also don’t need to eat quorn or meat substitutes if you don’t want (I don’t really) as there are plenty of alternatives. I also have no idea where the idea comes from that being vegetarian is more expensive, especially if you buy store own brands (if your making a curry or something I don’t see the difference at all) it can be much cheaper.

It can be harder for vegetarians to get enough protein, especially if you work and have a busy lifestyle and don’t have time to slow cook tofu for hours. This blog is for vegetarians, vegans and people in general who want to eat tasty, healthy (most of the time!) and cheap vegetarian food without having to follow very specific recipes, spend too much time on it or be any good at cooking. I think cooking should be fun, and should be about what you like rather than following a one size fits all recipe. I encourage everyone to buy spices and try out different things to see what works for you, and to invent your own recipes and veriations based on your own tastes. All meal ideas and recipes are my own, as are about 90% of the pictures (all pictures of the meal are of my own cooking). I welcome comments, discussion and any tips you may have”! 😀


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